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The tide is turning, finally.
I never liked Google, from the moment I came to know that it sneaks up on me and leaves a cookie that expires in AD 2038, which tracks everything from what I click, my search terms, IP number and time-date!! I use AllTheWeb which, i have heard indexes as many, if not more pages than Google.

Read the big bro article at Google-watch” for starters.

The current criticism of google, though, is for its inefficiency in searching and indexing pages, among other things. Zawodny’s article explains why PageRank is dead. I found it interesting that PageRank gets its name from Larry Page, google founder, and not because it ranks pages. I am digressing. So yes, google is slipping. The Google Backlash , a Salon article, has more on this subject. People pay money only to put their ad on a page, not to generate traffic, but to increase their google rank!. Mr.Anti-google explains why he hates google.

In trying to understand the web, google has changed the way the web was. In trying to increase their google rank, people do stupid stuff, pay cash, detonate Google Bombs and since the whole world seems to be using Google exclusively, the most important information resource today, the Internet, gets distorted.

Alright, that said, now for some interesting news. The Google Zeitgeist page lists statistics regarding Google searches. I found it amazing that “India” is the top search for a country, as well as for news. I have also read that India contributes most of Gogol’s search traffic( I cant find a link, damn!!)

If you want to increase your Google rank, I think you should read the google secrets as also this page about google. Very useful. Always understand your enemies :)

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