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Help Gayathri, a student at FIU, where my friend Vinay Puri Studies. She was hit by a speeding car, and the insurance cap of $250,000 has been exceeded. Her parents, like those of most Graduate Students cannot come to the United States to be with her. This is an authentic case, and I think she deserves all the help she can get.

I got to know this from Vinay, through the recw_usa yahoogroup, of which I am a member. The email conversation is as below, for those in doubt.

>>Vinay Puri
Yes Carthik, both the glz used to stay in the same building in which I stay, where u came.
we are contributing from here, the insurance cap of 250,000 dollars is already crossed, and the worst case is her parents can’t come here.
Plz do help by contributing.

“Carthik A.Sharma” wrote:

Vinay, is this for real?? I could put in a little and help canvas support or something, but I just needed to ask you. This sounds so bad!!

Let me know,

Carthik A Sharma
Ph.D. Student, Computer Engg. Dept.
University of Central Florida

>>> Vinay Puri vinay_recw@ removethis wrote >> 11/18/2003 10:27:18 PM >>>

In my university few days back a mishap took place with two girls of our community, one of them recovered but the condition of other one is critical. I want you to visit link below, and any help wud deeply be appreciated.


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