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About Google

The tide is turning, finally. I never liked Google, from the moment I came to know that it sneaks up on me and leaves a cookie that expires in AD 2038, which tracks everything from what I click, my search … Continue reading

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I just realized for most of my student life I have only been a Knowledge Repository – A convenient vessel to hold knowledge (also stored in many other minds), for later retrieval by the way at large. I am trying … Continue reading

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I swear its a Malayali!

At Daypop. I found this funny Victorian Internet page, ranked 6th on the Top posts page. Curious, I followed the white rabbit to find this! I swear that is Dilip in that gif there. Just watch the gif and I … Continue reading

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I found, a very interesting website that deals (almost entirely) with creativity. There are these techniques to improve or promote creativity, and though I haven’t had time to read through all of it yet, I certainly know that I … Continue reading

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Solving Problems

You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it — Albert Einstein Me and my adviser were talking about fixing some problem with the path on his computer which prevented him from compiling some C++ code, and … Continue reading

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Call for help

Help Gayathri, a student at FIU, where my friend Vinay Puri Studies. She was hit by a speeding car, and the insurance cap of $250,000 has been exceeded. Her parents, like those of most Graduate Students cannot come to the … Continue reading

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Art or Not?

Interesting, reminds me of quizzes back home in India. Could have used something similar to interest the audience in one of those quizzes, where one is asked to guess if foo bar baz is art or not.

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Sleep Science

I don’t know why I have to sleep. It turns out no one knows, according to this article, scientists are still at it, trying to find out a good reason, that sounds more educated that “I sleep cause I grow … Continue reading

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LiveJournal to MovableType Migration HowTo

This article seeks to explain the painful process of migrating from LiveJournal to MovableType. The first thing I needed to do for this was to import all the entries from my LiveJournal (LJ) to my MovableType (MT) blog. has … Continue reading

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Memory Transplant – LJ to MT.

Finally, everything works like a dream. I am going to stop using Livejournal actively. But I will still be using it passively, without probably ever visiting my LiveJournal again. I once wanted to link to a previous article I had … Continue reading

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