About storing emails

Before I forget, let me write this down.

My Yahoo! mailbox was full to the brim, and threatening to overflow. I got lucky and found YahooPops a program that lets me check my yahoo mail using a mail client like Thunderbird, or Outlook Express.

Alright, so I download the mails, but how do I save them individually, in human-readable format? Outlook Express stores them in single file, which, if you store for later, gets corrupted, as happened to Mei-Ling once not so long ago.

The solution is DBXtract, a small windows application that extracts mails from the Outlook Express binary format and stores them as individual, wordpad/notepad readable emails. It even saves all the attachment, WOOF!


I should also mention that yesterday I had the longest meeting in my life. It started at 11 AM and went all the way upto 8 PM. THe adviser was very enthusiastic and I sat with him as we wrote up some sections of a document, brainstormed and made some tables. I admire his tenacity and diligence. I could not work 9 hours at a stretch for the life of me, or so I thought, until yesterday. After that, it was so much fun to go home walking that I want to do it again.

Just took a break to share the good news regarding the emails. It was a perpetual problem, or Gordian-knot proportions. The closer I had come to solving it earlier was using Thunderbird’s “save as text” option, but then that doesnt save attachements, nor does it do it all at one go, its a one mail at a time process.


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