So Dont Miss This One!

Who wouldn’t like to have a dot com or dot net of their own? (Rhetorical question – do not answer)

3 YEAR FREE webhosting – 500 MB space, 5GB/month transfer

Thats right, 1 and, now offers 3 year free webhosting for free. the company in question seems to have a good reputation, I found articles about it in microsoft’s website and in a newspaper. I have been closely following the discussions at fatwallet and AnandTech forums and did some research otherwise, looking for user opinions and all that jazz, and this one’s a winner.

What’s the catch? Yeah, clue in on this – they will not let you transfer the domain name if you registered it through them. Workaround – get your domain name from some other registrar, I would suggest the cheapest out there..RackShack and then have the domain point to 1and1’s nameserver. Rackshack charges $5.41, tax included for a year, for the domain name. Dont even try to register your name using

I tried it out to the end, and got my webspace, without getting a new domain name, ’cause I dont want to spend $5.41.
The space I got is at, but that cryptic address is there just because I haven’t paid for a domain name, not that $5.41 is too much – Hell! Thats what I pay for one lunch!!

This one’s for real, and its good. Get it before its gone, all ye faithful.

So, friends, who wants a website?


what kind of junkie are you?

As if I didn’t know…

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