So what have I been doing lately?

* I have started playing soccer(football) everyday. I even went and bought Soccer cleats (football boots). I wont play today, sicne my legs are complaining.

* We are working on the second stage proposal, since the first stage proposal submitted to NASA went through and we managed to get a “high-priority” rating. So now we have to come up with a detailed, long proposal with some initial results. Now, for initial results, we need to work towards some experiments. I am in charge of formalizing the mathematics and writing up the literature survey. The proposal is due on the 17th of October.

* My Ph.D. qualifiers are on the 7th of November. I need to study 4 subject. If I start now I will have a week for a subject. High time I started studying in earnest.

* Me and sumant () have been working on the side as amateur web developers, helping small companies have a “presence on the web”. Work on the second job is on now. He does all of the work, i just help with the CSS and some arbit work, like adding page borders and formatting stuff.

* my desktop is now with , since I dont get free ethernet at home and she does at her dorm room. She could use a computer, I could use the one I have in my office. Since I dont have the computer at home now, I am leading a good, computer-less life. The initial tedium of the days have given way to a good life, with Soccer, cooking and cleaning (self and the room).

Thats it for now.
Thats it for now.

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