How would you like to have a Internet browser that can…

1) Let you move around from this page to the previous page, or the next page, by just clicking your right mouse button and moving the button left or right?

2) Clear all cookies, and other such privacy related files with just one click, so no one can filch your passwords or other critical info?

3) Download an entire website, with just one click?

4) Download all the images on a page with just one click?

5) Allow you to use different skins, winamp style?

6) search on google, just by typing “gg “, or alltheweb by typing “atw “, and change the gg or atw to whatever you want?

7) select a word on a webpage and lookup its meaning just by right clicking and clicking again?

8) stop pop-ups, just the ones you choose, using just the browser?

Oh I could go on forever, for now, let me say that Internet Explorer sucks, and its been removed from my computer.

Check out the mozilla site, and download and use Firebird. You could also check out all the extensions for firebird which will allow you to surf better.

I love it when technology works. Nothing works better that mozilla, or my latest crush, firebird. :)

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