Me, an IIT graduate?

Have I told you about my failure to get into an IIT, and how, at times, I really feel bad for not having worked hard enough to have made it? Every engineering graduate in India must have, at one point of time or the other, envied the IITians…

With any luck, I should be able to say in a couple of years that I graduated from an Institution that is now an IIT!!

R.E.C. (Regional Engineering College), Warangal, which was renamed as NIT (National Institute of Technology), Warangal last year, is among the front runners for promotion to an IIT!!
My heart filled with joy as I read this article in Deccan Herald …

Article from Deccan Herald::
Warangal NIT inches towards IIT status

Warangal, Sept. 10: It is now official that the National Institute of
Technology here is among the five NITs in the country to be upgraded
as an Indian Institute of Technology under a two-year time-bound

The Board of Governors’ meet of the NIT held here on Tuesday for the
first time on the campus has discussed the strategy to ensure that
the premier institute gets IIT status in the first phase.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, NIT Director D K Tripathy
said that the governing body members were highly optimistic about the
institute’s upgradation to IIT. According to him, the Ministry of
Human Resource Development had decided to upgrade five of the 17 NITs
in the country as IITs and the Warangal NIT stands a good chance to
be the first NIT to be upgraded as an IIT.

In order to be first in the race, the Board of Governors’ meet had
endorsed sweeping changes in academic schedules and curricula in tune
with the IIT module, initiated by Tripathy, the newly appointed

Among the major changes initiated at the institute are a change to
the grading system from the present marks system, introduction of the
semester system in place of the annual exam system and introduction
of new courses like Rural Development, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

The Director stated that the institute had attracted top rankers of
the All India Engineering Entrance Examination. He said the
preference of the top rankers indicated the academic standards of the
institute. Chairman, Board of Governors, Dr Hari Narain said that top
companies like Infosys, Oracle, Wipro and Satyam Computers recruited
around 200 NIT students as part of campus recruitment during the last
30 days.

He said that support from institute alumni would be explored in
developing the campus. “The sponsored Research and Industry
Consultancy cell would be strengthened to make its services available
on a larger scale,” Hari Narain said.

I google-news-ed and got a confirmation.

Me, an IITian? In my dreams. You can change all the names you want to, but I dare not claim I am in any way related to an IIT. After all, that is one thing that has been right, so far, with India. I am afraid that this latest move to promote other institutions to IITs will dilute the reputation of the IIT brand. I know what goes on in REC Warangal. After all, besides studying there, I was also a Lecturer there, albeit for a short period of time.

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12 Responses to Me, an IIT graduate?

  1. Ranks of NITs for upgradation to IIT
    1. NIT, Surathkal
    2. NIT, Calicut
    3. NIT, Warangal
    4. NIT, Rourkela
    5. NIT, Kurekshetra

  2. Latest ranks of NITs for upgradation to IIT
    1. NIT, Surathkal
    2. NIT, Calicut
    3. NIT, Warangal
    4. NIT, Rourkela
    5. NIT, Kurekshetra

  3. manish kr sharma says:

    all the fingers in a hand are not equal but they are essencial.i feel positively for nits to be upgraded to iits but only name does not make standards has to be upgraded.

  4. manish kr sharna nit warangal says:

    i support yr rational thinking.upgradation shoud be fruitful not by naming it iit but upgrading its standards and excellency.

  5. jyoti says:

    it must be iit

  6. kamlesh shah says:

    could you please tell which NITs are going to be IITs, will there be a zonal distribution, such that a state already having an IIT will not get another?

  7. Carthik says:

    I really dont know. This is just news I read somewhere.

  8. Anilkumar G says:

    Sir,I am really thrilled with the news that i have just read about nit warangal.unfortunately and also beeing a student from poor family i couldnt aim at iits or i am a B.Tech student in NSS College of engineering,palakkad,
    Kerala.But the matter for joy is that my dearest friend MR.ROBERT GEORGE is now a first year student there in NIT Warangal.He is in EC branch.
    As a lecturer there i wish to congratulate u also,sir.If you are in EC department you can contact my friend, i think.
    once more congratulations…..

  9. Anilkumar.G says:

    really i am thrilled with the news that i read.
    Unfortunately i couldnt know about nits or nits.i
    am from a poor i am studying in NSS college of engineering Palkkad,Kerala.But my dearest friend MR.ROBERT GEORGE is the first yaer student there in EC branch.

  10. suket gupta says:

    hi,will any of the guys tell me whether NIT-ROURKELA is anywhere in the race.

  11. mayank rasu says:

    i have serious objections with mr. carthik’s idea that the reputations of IITS would go down as a result of upgrading of NITs.
    if someone says that there is a huge variation in the intelligence level of NITans AND IITans and that the latter put in more effort in the preparation then i have 3 words for him. DONT BE PREJUDICED.many low rankers in IIT JEE decide to come to NITS.if the funds received would match ,NITans can certainly be at par with IIT graduates

    mayank rasu

  12. manish kamal says:

    hi,i wanna know which NITs are going to be IITs.Is this gonna happen state wise under the IITs statues.