Research Question

I thought it must be pretty obvious to have a website/page that lists
1. All the conferences that are to take place in Electrical/ Computer Engineering in the near future.
2. All the “call for papers” in the different fields of Engineering
3. All the “solicitations” for proposals in the different fields of Engineering.

You can extend that you other fields of research, such as the humanities.

After a relatively extensive search, I find that there is no such page, at least for electrical/computer engineering.

Say I have an interesting idea I want to write a paper about. How do I find the conference to publish it in? And also, if the paper is not that great, you know, to merit being published in a leading conference paper (IEEE/ACM in my case), how do I find the other conferences/journals I can send it to.

Basically, if I want to use conferences/seminars as an excuse to visit some city/country, and get reimbursed by my university, how do I go about it?

Need to ask the advisor, but he might just laugh at me, ’cause I dont have any papers worth publishing right now, but hell, this is a good source of motivation. If there was a conference in Crete I could attend if I had a paper, then the paper shall be written, for sure :)

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2 Responses to Research Question

  1. Mark says:

    Interesting, I will think about this and might be able to come up with a solution that could be really useful for our department as well!

  2. Carthik says:

    Thank you. That would be awesome. :)