Made in China

Kening takes a short nap after lunch, and today, before he did, he was asking me as to whether I will be going to India anytime soon. I said I would love to, but its so expensive. Mysteriously, the airfare to China is 50% that of the airfare to India. So he then told me that he would have gone home, if not for his visa problem. They gave him a six month visa, so that if he goes back to China, he will have to apply for the visa all over again. I, on the other hand have a 5 year multiple entry visa. I wish he had my visa, and I got his airfares!

So I was telling him that he could me some things from China.
Kening-“What exactly?”
Me- “A Chinese kitchen knife.”
Kening-“Just go to Walmart, or any store, and pick up a knife, almost all knives there are made in China.”

We had a good laugh over this.

What I was referring to, though was a Chinese Kitchen Knife. Like this one here….
Image of a Chinese Kitchen Knife

My roommates have one, and man, does it look deadly??

Like Kening went on to clarify, no battles were fought with these knives, but I bet the womenfolk in China do feel secure with one of these around!!

The knife is just one of the things I want thats available in China. Should go there someday.

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