Ek, Anek Aur Ekta

Do you remember the Films Division presentation that went

“Sooraj Ek, Chanda Ek…”, the cartoon in which a “didi” tells a small boy about Ekta?

This was an ad that used to come on TV, about 10 years ago. A story to illustrate the importance of unity in diversity. You can see it again!!

Moving picture with sound! Be warned that this is a huge file, and so might not be easily accessed using dial up connections.

This made me feel so good, I could’nt resist sharing it :)

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2 Responses to Ek, Anek Aur Ekta

  1. aravind says:

    Here’s the address to download “ek anek aur ekta” .asf file



  2. andy says:

    Hi dude i really liked this song n like to DL it but itzz juss palyin’ in wmp
    I WANNA DL IT VERY BADLY can u plzz send in the link where i can Download it to my disk!!