If any of you are interested in taking over my life you are welcome to.

Actually, you are not.

I have two people living within (who does’nt, eh?)…

One is the conservative “typical” Indian, who wants to save money,
and the other is this totally berserk a-hole who just cant resist a ride – a fast ride, fun, life, friendship, wicked wildness….

Yeah, so after a year after coming to this “land of oppurtunity”, it does seem like the balance sheets are bleeding red, to use an oft repeated cliche. I hate “the balance sheets are hemorrhaging”. My balance sheets have periods, is more like it. I hope I come out of this one. One thing is for sure though. If I die today, American Express and MBNA America will shed a couple of thousand dollars worth of tears on my grave.

And today, I am in that mood which screams, “yeah, send them to me, all the problems and whatnot. I will send them packing.”

I have but one life, but one today…
I have so many tomorrows to spend worrying
Just one today.

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