Deja Vu

I have an exam at 7 pm today. Its already 12.51 pm, and I am not quite able/ready to start studying with full force. I have been studying on and off over the last 24 hours, but COME ON CARTHIK, you need to put your soul into it.

I hate written exams, and this just reminds me of days spent at REC Warangal, where, by the final year, the fear of exams was totally gone, and I could walk in cool for any exam, regardless of how prepared (or not prepared) i was. Kind of inured, I dont feel exams anymore.

I have to get a 90+ today, and that means that I have to study some more. The professor thinks that the best questions are abstract, mathematical questions, and so, though the subject, cryptography, is close to my heart, and I know it well, having been at it for about a year now, I dont expect to do well, cause the kind of questions I expect are “Given Lemma 1 and Lemma 2 Prove that a^(p-1) is a generator over the finite fielg G(x) defined by x^8 + x^6 + x^3 is relatively prime to the first N carmichael numbers.”
That is not even close to being a valid question…just goes to show my level of familiarity with mathematical proofs.

One of those moments when I hate student life.

I have been writing at least once exam a year for the last 20 years!! Is’nt that awesome? And, for sure, I will be writing exams for the next 2-4 years.

I HAVE to study. Grok grok grok grok…..croak croak…

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