I shifted to the new house today, and I now have two new roommates. For the first time in life, I am living with Non-Indians :) Should be fun!!

Today is Independence day here, what a coincidence.

I will not have the luxury of high-speed at internet anymore. I am yet to decide whether to get a connection at my new home.
Cons :
1. I waste too much time online.
2. Humans fade into insignificance with me on my internetted computer.
Pros :
1. I can waste time online, any amount of it. Boredom and the internet are mutually exclusive.
2. Who needs humans?
3. Can chat with far away friends late into the night.
4. Can download audio/video files.

My ex roommate had this to say regarding my plans of not getting an internet connection at the new place – ” Is this you talking about the internet?

So friends, no more instant replies to emails/posts for the next few days.

The new room is alluring, but the internet is equally attractive, and I write this from my old room, since I haven’t yet moved the computer. I have to wait for a few downloads to get completed on Kazaa before I move the computer.

And yes, call me on the cell. Needless to say, I wont be available at the home phone anymore. I dont plan to get a home phone in the new home. Will use the cellphone to the fullest.

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