I have an Assignment due this Thursday for the Cryptography class.

There are 7 questions. I must read up the basics first, the the Mathematics regarding Carmichael numbers, Pseudo Primes, the Miller-Rabin test, and the Java bigInteger class. Assuming each question will take me around 4 hours, I have 28 hours of work at hand , after I am through with preparing the foundation by reading up and understanding the essentials. So I figure it will take me around 40 hours to this, over four days. Welcome back to the world of a Ph.D. student, Carthik.

Yesterday I saw “Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon” , a recently released trashy hindi movie. Five of us went to Orange Blossom Trail to see this at a theatre. A theatre full of Indians. Reminded me of watching movies in India. My friend Aashish remarked, as I held the door open for a stream of people in a hurry to get into the hall after the break in the middle of the movie (very Indian) that its no use being courteous, ’cause its an Indian show. Does’nt mean I cant be courteous to Indians, does it?

And day before yesterday I saw this movie “Chalte Chalte” at home. An unusual movie, discusses the post-marital problems faced by lovers, like the wife being picky about where the husband puts the shoes, and the husband getting pissed off about his wife borrowing money (to help his business) from a friend. Hmm, better than the usual hindi movie.

And if I got you thinking that all I have been doing is watching movies, you are right. I watched “The Hulk” the day before the day before yesterday. Kinda Boring, and the director’s attempts to make a normal, human movie out of a cartoon character has failed. It just make the part with the hulk’s father’s acquired powers look totally ridiculous. The attempt to make it comic book like by having frames inside the main frame of the movie is interesting though. “Just like a comic book” is what came to my mind when I saw the technique being used for the first time. It is also sad where they show the time he and his girl friend, if I may call her that, spend time at UC, Berkeley. Life in research is nothing like that. A lot of the reserachers, why , almost all, live poor, have bad labs and have to deal with a lot more people. No researcher is truly independent and not every one gets all the money they need for their projects. The takeover attempt is cheesy, I mean who asks researchers for their permission before taking over the labs, eh?

Well, whatever. See you in Javaland.

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