A Year

A year to the day I last saw her, I am perfectly fine, if just a tad sentimental.

Long Distance Love is not easy on one’s life. There is all of the wanting and yearning, and little of rewards of having someone to share your life with. I feel like I’ve fallen in love all over again with a voice over the phone over the last one year.

Touch – tactile feeling is so important to human beings. When I first saw the poster of the movie “Never been kissed” I thought that “Never been touched” could describe the lives of so many of my friends. A vast majority of the people who read this wont understand, by virtue of not being Indian. Well, chuck it, its not too important, and its a thought not worth the memory its stored away in.

I feel sick when I think of the fact that I have become like that chap Subodh in that movie Dil Chahta Hai, counting the minutes, hours and whatnot. Yuck! But yet, the first thing I can think of every morning is that the counter just got decremented by one. 29 days to go now.

You can hear and see over long distance, but you can smell or touch or taste yet. Touch,
smell, and taste define relationships, almost in that order. Is it a wonder then I am blue, and sleepless? What use is technology if I can’t be with her for a moment, and immerse my self in her presence, let her invade each one of my senses and dominate my perception of the world, just for that one moment?

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