Aliens (and no, we are not talking about the ones that have breakfast in a UFO)

From the annals of , a kind soul…

If you are in a land you weren’t born into…
If you are there as an immigrant, as a worker or as a student,
If you love to know new people and learn
If you have a cross-cultural marriage or relationship
If you have (or love to have) cross-cultural friendships
If you miss home
If you hate home
If you feel frustrated because your people want to stick to their own kind alone
If you have reasons to stick to your own kind
If you miss your family
If you came here with your family
If you feel alone
If you feel that you have your best social life
If you deal with foreigners and immigrants in your own home on a daily basis…
If you feel all of these or some of these…
Then you are WELCOME!

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