Want Space?

I made some changes to my website

I now have it hosted at ICDSoft‘s server. I really like the service. After searching for a long long time, I might just have found the perfect host. I get 333 MB of space, and 5 GB/month data transfer, with all the add-ons like unlimited emails, 5 sub-domains, and so on, for just $5 a month!! I think their customer support is what got me. You get replies to support questions in 3 minutes! Its just the best.

I installed Coppermine, which is a php based photo album on the site. The album is at photos.carthik.net. Coppermine requires the ImageMagick ‘convert’ program, besides a lot of other requirements, and the support guys were very efficient in telling me whats there and whats not and installing what was required. All this in 5 minutes!

You can upload your photos to your own album on my website, and could also use it to host your images, after you register at my website. I thought it might be handy for someone who wants to post pictures on LiveJournal, or just store images/pictures for later. Of course, for now, you need to be a LiveJournal or real-life friend of mine to have your own album, ’cause I dont have unlimited space or bandwidth on the server.

What I have’nt gotten around to doing is filling up the “Personal” , “Academic”, “Interests” and “Friends” links on the website 😛 . That, I think, is the hardest part of creating a homepage – writing about yourself!

If you have any problems creating your albums or dealing with the album(s) , do let me know.

Also, if someone needs space to park some data online (FTP/mails), just drop me a line, I have some space to spare/share.

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