First Basketball Game

I went to a basketball game (Orlando Magic Vs. Detroit Pistons) for the first time in my life today. It was a bit pricey at 32 Dollars, but I think the experience was worth it. The crowd was awesome. They gave us plastic tubes to blow up. You could strike one tube against the other for a very shrill and loud sound, produced by the compressed air inside the tube. Its much better than watching games on T.V. There were the cheerleaders doing their stuff during the timeouts and beleive me it was better that the commercials one usually gets to see 😉

I had gone with other Indians. There were three couples (not all of those couples were married.) They are mostly folks who came here as graduate students. Some of them work as interns and study, the others are now working. They live in cypress hills, a relatively upwardly-mobile community. The girls were drinking beer, and one of them turned red when she saw me seeing her drink. I did not mean to make her feel bad or whatever. Why should she feel bad? Indian girls carry a lot of guilt-baggage. They never seem to enjoy anything with abandon.

Later in the evening I went to see “Identity”, yet another serial-killer-movie. Of course , this one was “different” too. I like the way the narration begins, with flashbacks woven in neatly. Good plot too.

And then, the new version of is here. I tried an interesting effect with ripples. There is a Kolam on it too. I think this design will keep me satisfied for some time. Feedback, on whether you had problems viewing it in whatever browser you use, is welcome.

I need to promote actively. Will do so over the next week.

Everybody meet . He got the last LJ code I had. Now he doesn’t need to leave his name on the comments he leaves in my journal.

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