Good bye to RECW.

This day, or rather yesterday, she left REC Warangal, where we met, and found happiness, for home. She left by the East Coast Express at 9.30 am. Two years ago, I had left the place, crying uncontrollably. Tears well in my eyes when I realize that no matter what I do, I will never live at RECW as a student again. I want to go there again, sit on the short wall outside the 3rd Mess at 3 in the morning with Eli, and stare at the moon shining through the neem leaves. I want to climb that tree near the rear wall again and buy a cup of tea from Sreenu. My friends, wherever you are, may you find happiness, in a cup of tea, on top of a wall, outside a bakery or in stealing useless rubber stamps from the office.

I found an old RECW senior, Nishanth Asthana by chance. I was looking for MP3DB, a program that helps keep track of mp3s, and I ran into which happens to be Asthana’s website. Remember, Siddharth, we once wondered what had come of him?, all we had to do was search on the web! I called a surprised Asthana, who did not remember me (we had done little , if anything, together…) and talked to him for a while…

My spring semester is over. I went to school at 9.50 , and I was shocked to find that the Parallel Processing final was at 10 am and not 12 noon as I had beleived!! I bombed the exam. God save me!! Well, and then, in the night, I was at Sumant’s place, talking, listening to music, and doing nothing in particular…

I also went to the temple today.

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