Shall I say I am honored!

It just took me five minutes to work on the modified refried paper style, which unlike the original refried paper style allows one to use custom colors(we are talking about LJ styles here, something specific to the way LJ pages are displayed), to generate a style which includes a header image, for , following a comment I had posted on LJ styles, and she honors me thus! Well, if you want to know what I am talking about, go over here and “mouseover” the image at the top of the page!
This really made my day! I did not expect to be mentioned and when someone does something like this, I feel honored!
I notice that I like tweaking LJ styles a lot, and have been doing an unhealthy amount of designing lately. That explains the paucity of posts. I come to LiveJournal to make a post, but end up Editing styles to the point of abstraction. Well, well! I have taken to visiting and LJ support more often, and finding new things to do…..

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