And I thought it was over

This semester officially ends this Friday. I thought I was done with it, except for the one final on Friday, but it turns out there are miles to go before I sleep. I got a mail from Dr.Wu, of the Evolutionary Computation class saying that she has to have the code for both assignments if she is to assign me a grade. The problem is, my second assignment did not work, and so , since it did not work, I just turned in a report detailing what all I tried (without the code). Now she wants the code and …… I don’t have it I talked to her today, told her that I didnt keep the code cause it would not work, and she said that she cant make exceptions just for me, so she has to have the code, even if its code that does not work. All this leaves me with tonight to write the code. I remember that I had modified the code from the first assignment for the second assignment, and so now I have to go back to that, and try and remember what modifications I made, and submit the code tomorrow so that I can start preparing for the Final in Parallel Processing. The way I figure it out, I have to get 96+ on the final to make an A grade in Parellel Processing, and I was working to a plan. The best laid plans come to naught! I could have done without this twist at the end. Oh well, What the hell!! If I have to do it, I have to do it. See you all, back I go to the cave where all programs come from. (Thank God I did not start on a Computer SCIENCE Ph.D. at this University. That would have considerably shortened my life span.) I promise to be a good man if I complete my Computer Engineering Ph.D. in an honorable fashion, but then there are so many years, and so many more courses before I am even close to finishing.

P.S. Please do not think of this as a crib. It is just a note I am leaving myself and my friends as to my present condition, and if the present circumstances are not good, for whatever reasons, I cannot describe them as being rosy.

P.P.S. Above, ALL else, I love doing my Ph.D. Like Srinath says, there is a certain kick one gets out of working hard without getting paid appropriately which continues to attract thousands towards Ph.D. programs. Masochistic, eh ?

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