Of projects and Tchaikovsky

I presented the evolutionary computation project in class yesterday. The last 6 days were the hardest days of my life, even harder than the bad week I had last semester. I managed to complete the project after 6 days of continuous programming. I did not leave my house for three days. Sad part is, the results were unlike those expected, and the measures I adopted to improve performance ended up worsening it. I could not complete the research paper which was due yesterday, so I have had to work on it too. I slept for 6 hours after the presentation, and now I feel alive.

I was grading some homeoworks in the morning today, and there was Tchaikovsky playing in the background. My mood was not too good, and everything seemed oppresive. Suddenly the String Serenade – Waltz started playing, and I was so captivated by it. Suddenly, in a moment, as I closed my eyes, the weight of my existence was taken off my shoulders, and I could see the value of being alive. I cannot come close to defining how I felt, the rush of blood, the goose pimples! It has been some time since music had this effect on me. It reset me to my old self. Three cheers to Life!

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