I have been doing absolutely nothing useful over the past few days. This is a very dangerous time to not do anything, since there are just three weeks left in this semester. I have two big projects to complete. If I start coding for the Evolutionary Computation project, I will be stuck to my computer for two weeks straight, that I definitely know. I played tennis yesterday, and I have been very irresponsible to myself. I have to buck up and study. It is just one of those troughs that I get myself into, that I find so difficult to come out of. I hope I come out of this one soon. I feel lonely at times, and then all I do is lie in my bed and trace shapes in the ceiling.
Too many dirty dishes in the sink. None of them were my contribution. I dont feel like cooking in a dirty kitchen, and so I have not been cooking lately, since I dont want to waste an hour tidying the kitchen first. It is a thankless job.

I got a couple of mails from very old friends. One of them is in Ontario now, and the other is now a pharmacist! I am a computer engineer. Nothing much to write home about.

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