The Trip

Road trip

So me and my friend, girish went on a road trip of Florida. I got back yesterday, and normal life began today.

Girish and me rented a car at Enterprise, and was I surprised when they let him rent a car with just his Indian Drivers Licence!! I thought one needed a US licence to rent a car and drive it around. Anyways, Elizabeth at Enterprise was surprisingly nice to talk to, all cheerful and bubbly.

We went to Tampa on 20th, in the evening. Did not do much there, just visited a club, and then came back to Orlando. Oh, I forgot, before that I showed Girish round UCF .

The next day we headed to Daytona Beach, where spring break 2003 was in progress. Not surprisingly, not many spring breakers were on the beach, most of them were either in a bar or at a club. Like Elizabeth said of her friend who went to Key West for a break, and sat at a bar all day and got himself drunk, why go all that far, why not get drunk at a local bar? Well, I realy dont know why everyone is obsessed about getting drunk in places like Daytona Beach!

Daytona Beach was WILD, really really wild. There were beads all over the place, and girls flashing. We went to the club 600 North, and spent the major part of the night dancing to hip hop music. The real action though was outside by the pool. There was a Crystal Method concert in progress and trust me, its something else to listen to Crystal Method in a public place, over hi-fi speakers. The crowd was totally insane, and everyone was dancing like they were possesed or something. We left the place at 3 am, when it shut its doors. While we were waiting outside in line to enter, we met a American Born Confused Norwegian (his own words!) , Tim, who was going on and on about how good Indians are and how he loves India! Once inside, Girish and I promptly got around to staring wild eyed at the flashers and the dancers. The girls were crazy, scary in fact!

We drove south the same night, but after an hour on I95, both of us were sleepy and so we went to sleep in a rest area by the highway, in the car. We started out again at 10 AM and drove all the way to Key West. I drove a car for the first time in the US and it just turns out to be convenient that I drove down Highway number 1 , so I cant forget the highway I first drove on. Of course, I had only aan Indian Licence, but I made no mistakes and so the cops never bothered checking my licence.

Key West is paradise, or close. The houses there are so pretty! I wish i could live there, forever. It is a calm, serene, lazy place, with beaches, water-sports and Duval Street, which is where all the shops and people are at, at night.

We returned to Miami, and went to the Florida International University to meet Vinay Puri. Girish wanted to watch the Cricket World Cup Finals real bad and thats why we ended up there. The next day we visited South beach, Miami and a club. South Beach is just the way I had imagined it. The water was so blue, it was unbeleivable!!

Alright, so to cut a long story short, I had a swell trip, thankyouverymuch!

You can see the snaps , I am too lazy to describe them, but i guess they are more or less self explanatory!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop by in my office. I am always available 😉

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