NIT Calicut

I was pleasantly surprised to read about NIT Calicut at EdTechDev. NIT Calicut, Formerly known as REC Calicut, is one of the Government of India run Technical Institutions, another of which is NIT, Warangal.
The article mentions that there is a huge digital library resource available to the public, with a lot of e-books, at NIT Calicut.
Calicut is in Kerala, and it feels nice to hear that NIT Calicut (any NIT for that matter) is making waves!!
There are e-books related to Indian Folk Tales , and even the Vikram and Betal stories. I beleive its the first digital library that has these two works, which are part of every Indian’s childhood – almost like hansel and gretel and Hans Christian Anderson’s works are a part of everybody’s childhood.

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  1. shreedhar says:

    hi sir…( u taught us BES in first yaer !!!)

    still remember you…

    hows life??? college is as usual … only the name has changed …