Psyche Drivel

I got Redhat Linux 8.0 (psyche), an alternate Operating System running on my system.
Redhat Linux 8.0 is the latest from Redhat , and is the best Operating System I have seen yet. So now my computer has two operating systems – Windows XP and Redhat Linux 8.0
It is so beautiful, I mean beautiful!! I had Redhat 7.2 running on the PC before, but 8.0 is much, much better.
For one it comes with OpenOffice which allows me to open, edit, create and save powerpoint presentations, MS Word , MS Excel documents, which can be opened by Microsoft Office products.
Yet another attracive feature is that this edition of RedHat linux displays fonts in a much better fashion. I dont have to go on the web, search how to set the fonts directories/settings properly etc.
Also, the BlueCurve graphical user interface is much better , since it serves up the most beautiful , smooth, 3D icons, and gives a very SMOOTH look to the desktop and all objects.
I am thoroughly satisfied with the quality with which i can view video and listen to music on my PC when its running on Linux.
Who needs Windows XP? I have lately found Xp to be very strange. True the computer doesnt hang anymore, but I keep getting “ERROR : This program MUST die now!” messages all the time. I wish I had not installed the free Win XP Pro copy that I got at the career fair. I could have sold it at half-price and yet made a LOT of money, for something which is worse than a free-product (see RedHat Linux 8.0 in action) (Redhat Linux 8.0)

Everything about this is perfect. As RedHat says : You never saw Linux looking this good!

This is my first post using Drivel, an LJ client for Linux systems. Drivel is a very useful tool. i dont have to open the LJ page to post comments, I can do it from my desktop, and it automatically detects the music thats playing. Wish it could automatically detect my mood too 😉 It makes it easier to add links to posts. Usually i have trouble with the “autoformatting” option on LiveJournal.

Thank you!!

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