I got an email from

I got an email from the professor at the university I had applied to, and talked about in an earlier post. He says I am good, but not good enough. I am on the waiting list, and if any of the 4 applicants who have been made offers choose to turn it down, I will be offered admission.
I am getting inured to downturns in life. I guess that now my life has more or less decided its course. The options as to what I can do with my life grow fewer as each year passes.
“And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind
you, no one told you when to run,
You missed the starting gun.”
Which just goes to say that you should wait for someone to tell you when to run.
As my friend said, “Today is another day. Live to see its end.” A day at a time – I would love to live life that way, but every day alters how the next can be, and thats what makes the days overflow into each other.
There is a Bangladeshi/Nepali girl who shares my office room. She does’nt smile, and behaves like a total snob. She vitiates the environment in the room. I get _very_ putoff when she averts her glance as I enter the room, and the seating arrangement is such that I cant see her, but she can me. I cant help overhearing her loud conversations and man, at times I feel like giving her a piece of my mind. What makes people so bitter and terrible, I wonder!

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