Went to Walmart today. totally unremarkable day, I should say.

Please welcome Shashidhar, the day-scholar friend of mine, who likes sipping tea at the Hanamkonda bus station (as opposed to the Kazipet railway station) at 2 in the morning! I have fond memories of the Bajaj scooter, which is his father’s of course, which must be about the first vehicle with gears that I ever drove.

It turns out that it is _not_ the first motorcycle with gears that I rode on public roads, because that honor goes to his (yeah, this time it is his own bike, if you neglect his brother, that is..) Hero Honda. One fine day in November, me and my princess were sitting under the lamp post in the lawns outside the ladies hostel at R.E.C.W. and along came Shashi, to meet another girl. He saw us sitting there, and said that the two of us could go somewhere on his honda, if we wanted to. I took the keys, and off we went to Hotel Ratna, the Hilton of Hanamkonda. I had trouble shifting gears, and I think it was on our way out that she caught on and asked me how many times I had ridden a motorcycle on public roads before. I told her that this was the first time, and she trusted me. So did Shashi, in giving me the bike.

Oh, this is just one incident! Shashi has given me so many memorable incidents that I will be ever-indebted to him, to say the least..
So friends, Welcome to our midst…

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