The Rain

It has been raining on and off for the past three days. This reminds me so much of India. I become very introspective and more susceptible to nostalgic thoughts when the weather is like this. I love to look out of the window, with a cup of coffee and a book in my hands, stare at the grey clouds and the grey light that fills the world, and think. Think about nothing in particular, just let my thoughts run their course. Sometimes at the end of it, I feel happy, contented, and at other times, somewhat depressed. So what? This is all so normal, you might say, but I love when all this happens to me, and life is worthwhile for these moments…
The right pedal of my faithful Schwinn bicycle came off. I learnt that the bike was made in 1987! There is an inscription on the rim that says so! 16 years is a long time, and the bike is still smooth and runs beautiful. When it comes to certain things, I prefer old over new. Bicycles for example. Given a choice between the old bike I have, and a new bike at the same price, I would buy the old, used bike. It has character, and time increases the uniqueness of the bike. I dont like used computers though.
I have a list of things to do. I was supposed to go orange picking with voluteers from volunteer-UCF. The idea is to pick oranges from the groves around orlando and pack them in crates for the homeless and deprived. I could not wake up in time and so I did not go. They should have scheduled it for the afternoon, or early evening, instead of at 8 in the morning.
Loneliness – coming to think of it, we all should have gotten used to being lonely, since that is the only feeling that keeps coming back. Why then do we behave like we are used to being loved? That it becomes natural to expect the company of people you love, and miss it so much when its not around, as though we are used to the love of people who love us?

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