assamese songs

I found this website, Markin Kalpataru, which plays Assamese songs , 24×7!!
please note – this website says “The word “Markin” in assamese means from the United States Of America. Altogether, “Markin Kalpataru” means A Kalpataru Like music program , originated in the United States.” I remembered your “Murkan” when i read this :)

And then I found out the reason
Why Knuth does not use email any longer I also found that the right way to pronounce his name is Ka-nooth, and not “nuth”. He has dedicated the rest of his life to finishing the monumental “The Art of Computer Programming”. A sage, by any standards. One who gave up a well-paying Stanford full professorship to write a book that eveyone can use. How many of these men do we have these days? You’d get 2.56 dollars if you report a mistake in any of his books, and its 2.56 dollars since 256 cents make a hexadecimal dollar!! I can already see smiling and noting it down as a good quiz question, but really beatzo, I miss quizzing. Its like a grindstone for the mind – keeps it sharp.

I had an interesting discussion with Li Yang, a chinese phd student into CMOS technology and man this guy lives, breathes and oozes transistors and device physics. He helped me out with some questions I had regarding the boot-up-circuit-random-number-generator I am trying to build for the cryptography project. I still have’nt been able to find the solution for my problem.

Interesting problem, actually. The power-on-reset circuit in a modern chip(such as a processor) has a resistor-capacitor circuit. Now due to some features of this small circuit there are variations in the time taken to de-assert RESET and start up the computer. Modern day chips provide a complex circuit to eliminate this variation with regard to time. But I am interested in the unpredictable time variation to create a random number generator within the Cryptarray processor that we are designing. There is a lot of data on the time-error-adjusted power-on-reset circuits, but very little on how much the variation is , without the adjustment.

Now essentially I am trying to use a “bad” or undesireable property of a circuit, and Li put it well when he said, smiling, “I can tell you interesting ways of eliminating the time error , but I cant tell you how to use it, because nobody studies such insignificant “bad” things”

I had an ice-cream soda for the first time in my life, strawberry flavored, from JavaCity. It has been my desire to have one since the time I read about them in Archies comics, back home in India.

She has a campus interview tomorrow.

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