Swapping Mix CDs

After I read this about Mix CDs and how people swap them, I was amazed. I had thought of doing something like this not so long ago, but had given up because i thought no one would trust me enough to take the pain to burn a cd and mail it to me, trusting that i would do the same to them.

So this is an open offer.

Does anyone want to swap music mix cds with me?

I shall burn an eclectic collection of songs i like, and mail them to you, and i would expect you to do the same for me.

In fact, if you would like me to, i could burn mp3’s onto a cd, so you get more music.

To make it more interesting, i could burn music from exotic places like
Kerala[language-malayalam] (alright, its home, for me. 😉 )
Tamil Nadu[language – tamil]
India [Language – hindi]
and more…India is home to a lot of languages and also 2 classical music forms, the Hindustani and Carnatic traditions.

Of course, like everyone else I listen to a lot of english music too.

Wanna Swap?

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