regarding blanket mails

i wrote a mail to my friends describing how happy i felt, for some strange reason, yesterday. i wish i had a copy of that mail so that i could post it here.
what follows is what i wrote in response to reply i got saying that the respondent was happy, and felt special to have received that mail, regardless of the fact that it had so many CC addresses.

i trouble so many people when i feel bad. i take the liberty of taking the kind words of friends and relatives. i used to feel guilty about this, and then i decided that what i should do is tell them when i a feel happy too, so that its a fair deal.the message was the same for all my friends. it was about how much i missed my friends, and God knows that instead of meeting my friends one on one, i would love to meet them all at the same place, once again, just like i used to at recw, for example. so similarly, sharing the same happiness with so many people, using the same mail does make sense. i wish everyone was as understanding as one of my friends was, and realise that just because x-many other people got to hear what i had to say, the value of the shared feeling doesnt diminish by a factor of x.

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