navin rajaram is a friend

navin rajaram is a friend of mine who’s at clemson univ.

you know what, navin, we are blessed. yes, really. we will certainly be better human beings, and make life a lot more beautiful and easier for a lot of people who come in touch with us, like our (to be) wife and kids. its just because we are spending so much precious time away from the greed of the world . i am sure that even if i start publishing twice the number of papers, my stipend is not gonna double, or even increase. that eliminated material-greed-driven overwork. And we are in an environment with fewer changing variables. we dont take the metro or even a bus to get to work everyday. our environment at school is more conducive to introspection, and lets hope this is what we get for trading in a few “prosperous” years.

we are blessed. this is perhaps the best way to lie life. minimal possessions, minimal needs.

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