new york rules

i left home at 10.30 reached the staten island ferry teminus by 11.30 caught the no.1 subway and got down at 79th st and walkedto the museum of natural history. stood in the queue outside and inside for 45 mins, and spent time in the museum, crying occasionaly for the amazon, kilimanjaro, during the imax movie, and while just walking thru the south american room. couldnt help it.

think of the world as a loan from your children, not as a gift from your parents – korean proverb

and promptly, i took a break to eat sandwiches wrapped in plastic, wiped my face with paper napkins and drank mineral water.

sounds cliched, i know, but even the truest and most urgent appeals, such as Save The World sound cliched.

theni went to times square on a recon mission. walked up and down there, to tell the truth, for about 10 mins i was on the traffic island, turning round and round, looking at the ad signs, and i was openmouthed literally. its wonderful, more wonderful than my wildest imagination, very human, and very fascinating. a couple (european i beleive) were seen, with the husband asking the wife to pose for a photo. i offered to take a picture for them, so that both can be in the picture, and the woman, seeing that i had a camera in my hand shooed me away, saying, not thanks, we will take our own photos! she must have thought i was a photographers taking and selling photos to tourists…there were a couple of guys playing drums, a strange combination of a drum kit and a couple of plastic buckets, they played in perfect harmony, and one could buy their cds too, on the street.
i went to the virgin megastore. sasi, you can spend your whole salary there, i have NEVER seen more cds in one place, at any time.

i got back home, to reality. i would if i could , have been a person with a job that requires him to be in the wild regions for long periods, with postings of shorter durations on wall street or any street in new york. 😉 i would never save, never hanker for money, just get what money i have off my hand, and get things, and give things…

i miss you.

i saw a couple of couples kissing passoinately, at the ferry station, and in central park. i itched, and it wasnt because my skin had dried in the cold, oh yes, i t was 3 degress celsius. i had a tshirt, a turtle neck sweater and a jacket on, so no problem. i also had a enema(eminem) cap on 😉

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