fpga project complete

this post celebrates the momentous event of the completion of the FPGA project, “Implementation of a systolic counter”. i just burnt the source, compiler, reports and presentation on a cd. will hand it over to Dr.Ejnioui tomorrow. Immensely satisfied.

have an exam on thursday, another on friday. can start reading for them now., have to read some 1000 odd pages. humungous task.

i wish i could talk to her more often, and longer!

made a curry out of beans, carrots, peas and tender corn. one word to describe it – HORRIBLE. Ate it since i made it though, and since i was hungry. Somebody better teach me how to cook!!

In this past week :
Coffee consumption up 50%. Sleep time down 25%. Time spent at home up 50%. Ambient Temperature down 50%.

Busy week. insomnia and indigestion.

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