slept at 7 am woke

slept at 7 am woke up at 10. another crazy day! well, 5 more such days and i am through with this semester.

lessons i learnt :
1.never waste time, even if its just the beginning of the sem.
2.make a to do list and keep doing the things in it.
3.dont miss classes. happy, being happy can somehow make me more productive, but how do i become “happy” , i mean its not in my control. things as soon you are assigned the task.
6.plan work so that you can sleep 6 hours on all days, instead of binge sleeping and then not sleeping at all.

smart observations made, i now have to study, and get the computer architecture assignment out of the way.

obvious lessons, yes, but next sem on, i am going to follow these rules.

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