the last three days have

the last three days have been very unproductive. days just pass by, and time flies, and yet, i feel its all getting nowhere. i have a lot of work to do, to which i will return after making this post. i went shoppin yesterday and bot myself winter clothes and essentials, “cheap” . i do beleive its a con job of sorts, wherein they jack up the prices for the sales throughout the year, and come down to prices that are still profitable, to make it seem like just on the “sale” days you are getting a more-than-good deal. whatever, i bought what i needed, but was mildly surprised to see the turnout on that day, and the amount of shopping that was going on! never before have i seen so many people with the same shared purpose.

i got the cognitive sceince books, and i have read most of the papers the professor asked me to. i dont know what to tell him now that i have read them. I did not make any startling observations or glaring mistakes in any of the papers. i read them, and was fascinated that so much research is going on in such an interesting field , and i didnt know!! thanks to him i got the books which seem like good starting points. now the problem is convincing him and making him take me on as a part of his team. i am waiting for the right time and mood to write to him.

i feel guilty when i read those papers when i have more than enough school work. so i will get the school work done before i mail him.

i have to shift my residence , thats final. i just cleaned the house today, and got supplies. nobody else seems to care much, actually cocky and nish care, they do, but nish is too lazy and cocky has given up.. one roommate seems to beleive that its only fair that he doesnt do anything, unless told, and that too after a small fight…whatever, just my cribs. but they dont see me as I am, i have been misinterpreted all alon, and my attempts to be seen as “me” leads to ridiculous results.

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