a community got to be

a community got to be too much for me and i quit. (the “deleted comments are mine, i deleted them later…over here for more details.) i had never posted there and today i did, my mistake, shouldnt have bothered to interfere or state my opinions, anyway, the replies i got helped me quit the community, what i think was a time wasting experience. not all the time reading the posts was wasted though, i got to know the attitudes and trends amongst people who go to my school. mostly undergrads, and i remember what i was like when i was an undergrad. no hard feelings, but i dont want to be part of a namecalling, mudslinging community. my choice. i am sure its also part of what makes for an interesting college experience for the ucfers. i dont belong in that scene, and thats nobody’s fault. the kinda friends i have online make me ultrasensitive to people’s rudeness…hey , friends, you are spoiling me 😉

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