just in case i forget to write this down later, i met dr.turgut for the first time regarding her being my advisor. she said she cant give anything in writing until i take her course and impress her. she is non-committal, but impressed with my work in the software engineering course that she teaches, or so she says. she gave me four books on networks to read during winter, and warned me that her course is gonna be really tough.

on my way to become spider-man . yeah, sick joke. no computer architecture. i feel like shouting at the world, but networks it is…

i couldnt complete the fpga project, damn thing didnt work inspite of me screwing with it all night…thankfully Dr.Ejnioui gave me another week. The nightmare is over, i was right on time for the software project. Now i need to go home and hit the sack.

ages since i slept at 7 pm. used to do that when i was 7-10 years old, after coming home after playing cricket till 6.30. I remember starting to sleep by the time the chime for the 7 pm news in malayalam used to come on tv, and being sound asleep by the time the news was over, dinner in hand, in front of the Bush TV.

good night, world.

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