a walk around the globe.

the international student event was fun. we won the “best display” prize . three cheers to sangam, the ucf indian student association !!

i was totally taken in by this chinese female who did a ribbon dance, man she looked angelic, and the music, and her grace, oh God, i dont think i will ever forget that dance. i walked around the stalls, and made friends with a bulgarian, and a syrian, besides a girl from martinique.

i ate —
hungary – creames napolion (a pastry like thing, i LOVED it)\

turkey – baklava (actually a greek food item, its like well, a sweet “puff”)
dolma (grape leaves, and a lot of other things soaked in vinegar and olive oil and wrapped in a leaf, tastes sour, bitter an sweet, and is quite a mouthful, quite tempting, i had 3 of these just trying to make up my mind whether i like them or not, and what the dominant taste was)

Brazil – Shrimp empanada (this is tender shrimp and a lot of other things in some kind of dough, looks like a patty, light brown in color, and kinda gooey to eat)

Russian – Pirozhi (they had a contest at the russian stall, which was like – answer a question and get 50% off on food items, so they asked me for 2 other names for st petersburg and i got 50% off on a pirozhi, which is ground beef inside a wheat crust, the crush is crunchy and the meat is tender and very palatable)

Syrian – hussum (this one looked like haleem, but wasnt quite haleem, it was a thick paste with some spice in it, and they gave me a piece of syrian bread, which was spongy and flat, which i used to scoop the paste up. the combination tastes good, vasu would have loved it.)

the carribean dance was great, man its scary, the way they jerk and twist and turn!

i got an “indian tattoo” (mehendi) done on my right hand, i did it to myself, its just the symbol for scorpio (the one that looks like the alphabet “m”) the indian food was good, i wolfed a lot of samosas!!

a middle aged man from japan walked into the indian stall and surprised me with his knowledge of all things indian. he wants some of the cds i have, hindustani classical and the ms subbalakshmi kinds. hes a professor in the school of optics here. felt so nice, and warm, to talk to him about india, and he was kind enough to take me over to the japanese stall and explain things to me. he’s promised me some copies of japanese paintings.

there was also this middle aged woman, who teaches esperanto. she had been to india in the seventies, seems she was a hippie, drugs and all. she looked very peaceful. so i have seen a former hippie, i have often wondered what happened to the hippies…..i guess they just ungrew their beards and locks and got back to work in the 80s…..

and i was surprised to hear that hindi song “baarana de, baraana de, baraana…” from the brazilians. turns out its a folk tune in brazil ( i mean the song which sounds like the singer is asking for baarah anna, ie, 12 annas). one of the brazilians looked so brazilian that i felt like i was in brazil, he was dark, masculine(like the coconut tree climbers in kerala), had a tattoo, and looked wistful as he sang his song, with a stringed bow in his hand. i WILL talk to him when i meet him next. the africans too looked wild, and their dances are so WILD, i mean they act like they are animals, in most of their dances, and the drums are so different from any i have heard before!!

a day to remember…..

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