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i was reading the reviews of Gunaah and Shakti, both recent releases, and then i came upon this article by Shailesh Kapoor. its about the increasing use of “unbecoming” words in hindi movies, and the perceptions regarding whats passe, which are now changing…this paragraph was a little surprising..

So, the “A” certificate is not enough, you see. There are many million families in India where the husband and the wife don’t share a relationship where they can watch such films together without any discomfort. In any case, within six months of their release, films like Gunaah and Shakti will be on satellite TV, and the certificate logic doesn’t apply there anymore. In fact, today’s teenagers are more informed about the sexual content in the films than their parents.

The second sentence, especially! It is true too, i know, and i remember wondering out loud when i was about 15, as to why people get married, there seemed to be no fun in it.

The times they are a-changin’

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