slept real early yesterday, at

slept real early yesterday, at around 10.30. Not surprisingly, i woke up at 2.30 am!! i went to the loo, drank some juice(my roommate went to walmart and got all artificially flavoured drinks, and enough to last a month, i cant wait till we finish it so we can get good old orange juice and natural pulp, so i drink the artificial “juice” whenever i can, though i dont like it much), sat around, smoked a fag, and then fooled myself into beleiving it was bedtime, and it was, since i go to bed around 2.30 everyday, and then i woke up at 6.00.
i called home today, but not before calling harish and wishing him a happy birthday(he wasnt there, his answering machine should have relayed the info to him), but then later, sasi told me that the birthday’s on 27th. harish must be pissed off with, some great friend i am!! alright, so grandma was all happy to hear my voice, without the moderating presence of Appa around. She sounded very concerned, and asked me if I get drinking water regularly at home, whether i oil my hair, how much my power bill was last time, and she choked when i told her that the grocery bill for last month was around 400(for the 4 of us)! Appa, as usual, had had a sall tiff with her, and gone out. Grandma suspects he is back to his sharetrading habits. i dont find anything bad about that, true, he’s lost some money, but its his money…

yes, and sometime ago, i resolved to grow myself a ponytail :)(kidding, as always, i am sure i will go get a haircut when all that hair above the ears starts irritating me.)

i have to go an attend a meeting of minority student coordinators from all over florida, for the sake of my software engineering project. thats at 4 pm, and i just remembered it, thank God!

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