I dont feel homesick, and

I dont feel homesick, and thats because its been raining so hard here. A lot of soul searching is on now, and a lot of things are getting clearer, and i like it! I am at peace with the world-at-large today, and thats because of so many things that have happened today, sasi sent me a beautiful poem, a girl in the bookstore counter called me by my name(she saw it when i opened my wallet, on the id card), and such…i hope each day is filled with these little founts of happiness, like this day is.

had a WILD birthday party at home yesterday, was my room mate’s b’day, so everyone was applying cake to his face, and a few guys cracked eggs on his head, i told you it was wild, and my roommate was chasing everyone all over the block, just to embrace them and share the yolk and cream :))

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