Windoze XP

Well, to cut a long story short, I got a copy of Windows XP for free.

now for the story…
we had a career fair at UCF with over 100 companies. What was weird was a lot of companies were telling people, ” We are not looking to recruit people, and oh, we dont have any internships on offer either..”, and so i suppose their primary objective was to offload all the coffee mugs and trinkets in their offices. Yeah , i got a load of stress balls (for the unemployed, how considerate!), pens (for filling up all those forms..) and coffee mugs (to keep you company during the all-night job searches). Not that i need a job now, but someone should stop them from making fun of unemployed students looking for jobs. I heard that last time there were quite a few companies handing out T shirts. I guess even the textile(import) industry is facing a rough patch, because there were’nt any Tshirts this time around.

I went to the Microsoft table, and the lady was like “we cant give you any jobs or internships, but you could win a Tshirt or some software if you participate in the raffle.”, so i put my name on a slip and put it in a box, and bingo, at the end of the day, i had my own copy of Windows XP. Honestly this is the first time I am laying my hands on some shrink wrapped software (India beleives in free(no matter what you have to do to make it “free”, even piracy’s fine) software). Actually the lady (i never knew Microsoft hires folks for their looks) asked me to choose between a tshirt and the software(the software/softwear tradeoff!(was’nt that a real bad joke? like Y U C K?)). I was in a fix, until she told me the tshirt was L sized. Now if any of you want to buy the software off my hands, please let me know, ’cause i already have a unshrinkwrapped version with me, which i can always use.

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