yuck, i mean my livejournal

i mean my livejournal has gone from bad to pathetic. so has my life. sunday evening and i have to write three papers, and have no idea abouthow to get started since i have never seen a student assignment paper before. i will cook something up.
the problem is i am wasting my time, doing this and that, reading other people’s journals(my Appa would frown if he ever knew i was reading other folks’ journals 😛 ) well, well, i have been in the lab for a little over 5 hours now, and nothings been done. i plan to take a break, go out smell the flowers (yeah, the long slender ones that come in pack of 20 😉 ) and come back, and try to be less creative and more studious..
but….i have to read that monster of a textbook first, well, well….

moral of the story : when you get to be the director of a graduate school, never give an admit to someone who does not deserve to be there, or has a livejournal, or has more than 3 email accounts.

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