i am back in college,

i am back in college, i mean to say that i have started bunking again like i used to back at recw. missed four 9 am classes. cant seem to sleep at night. is this what they call insomnia? whatever! i resolve not to miss a class again. the classes are no revelation, the slides used for the class are available online, and its mighty tempting to just go through it at my pace than go to class and hear the yabbadabba.

yes sasi, i have failed in quitting the “e.e.cummings” style of writing. everytime i need to depress shift to capitalize a letter, its like my thought process gets interrupted. if you beleive this, them let me tell you that i found a dell laptop in the trash yesterday.

arvind varma is s as a b in a r at utah state. talked to him yesternight.

i refuse to be the one who goes to walmart everytime we need supplies. its been 5 days since we ran out of everything but rice and dal, and i am waiting for my adorable room mates to go to walmart and pick stuff up.

i am in this grumpy, fixed stare mood since the last two days. Why? dont ask me.

there is this hispanic lady in the java city coffee shop near the engineering building. graceful, not beautiful in the conventional sense, but she does make the coffee taste infintely better.

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