for sasi

Sasi, you might be excited to know that the chap who developed the KDE toolbar is now teaching me computer architecture….his name’s Boloni, a Hungarian, was I excited…we had this meeting of all the faculty and the fellows to find matches based on research interests, where all the faculty members and then the incoming fellows introduced themselves, which was then followed by tea and cookies, and you know, kind of mixing….so i was talking to the all the profs, i have found one chap to work with, he works on AI and architectures, thats just my cup of tea (iced tea please). but this boloni guy is some self-effacing, and introverted, man! he’s good to talk to. Maybe you should just dump that job, and do your Masters or Phd, just right for you, i would say, good life, thougha relatively poorer(financially) one…

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