My room mates had gone

My room mates had gone to the post office and requested the keys to the post box on last friday. The previous occupants of the house had given the keys back at the post office.
Alright, so though we had requested the keys last friday, the post man had not yet given us the keys(he usually ties it to the font door handle.) So I walked 4 kms to the post office , and requested a lady to check up on the request, and then the most bizzare thing happened!! She said that our names are not there on the list of people who asked for their keys, and whats more, she remembers writing it down, since she says she was surprised at the length of the names of my room mates. She was flummoxed, and after searching the list for about 15 minutes, she gave up in despair, she was scared, and she contacted the manager at the office, who got kinda scared too. Whats more, this was a hand-written list and not a list on a computer. there is no way this “missing entry” can be explained. So anyway i asked her to make a fresh request and walked back.

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