second day

I am still at orlando. i went to the department today and was disappointed to find that all the professors are on leave till the fall session starts. some of the profs will be back by the 9th of august. so i guess i will have to go to atlanta and then come back and decide what courses i want to register, because generally its customary to talk to the professors handling the courses before signing up for a course.
I also have some paperwork to get done, i am getting used to the way things owrk here, and i just found out that the bureaucracy over here is crazy too, at times.
i went along with some other students to the city today (its about an hour by bus) to apply for my social security number. but there at the counter the lady asked me where exactly i will be working(since i have a fellwoship) and then she asked me to get a specific letter from the employer. some things are quite confusing but the people here have a lot of patience and usually they clear all my doubts.
another problem is that eating outside is very expensive. a basic sandwich costs about 1.9 dollars, but its actually quite filling. i dont know how i am going to manage to bring lunch packed to school, and many of the seniors also have warned me against taking lunch to school, because indian food smells of masala and oil , and that really really puts off the professor, some of whom have even complained against it at times!! i guess i have to get rid of this habit of converting prices from dollars to ruppes(you know multiply it by 50) beacuse everyone else here thinks the prices are low at the cafeteria!!

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